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personal injury
If you or a loved one has sustained serious injuries as a result of a car crash, contact our skilled personal injury attorneys. Curtis Clinesmith and Dawn Smith have dedicated their careers to fighting for the rights of personal injury victims and will aggressively fight for the compensation you deserve.
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medical negligence & institutional abuse
When you place the care and treatment of your loved one in the hands of a nursing home or other care facility like mental health facility, you are trusting them to have the skill, training, and experience to properly care for their patients. For most facilities, this is true. Unfortunately, some nursing homes and other care facilities are neglectful of or abusive to their patients....
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Toxic Exposure and Products Liability
Certain accidents and other events come with the risk of toxic exposure, which can result in severe long-term health complications for victims. Depending on the chemical or material you come into contact with, consequences can be immediate or develop over time. For this reason, Smith Clinesmith LLP works with medical and chemical experts to determine the full scope of your injuries and damages, so you can recover the compensation you deserve.
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Smith Clinesmith, LLP is a national litigation firm that is dedicated to fighting for those injured by the reckless and negligent conduct of corporations and others. We are passionate about the law and achieving justice for our clients. With the experience of attorneys Curtis Clinesmith and Dawn Smith you can rest assured your claim will be fought aggressively with the help of their entire litigation team. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our attorneys.

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Contact us for the legal representation you need for your asbestos personal injury claim!

When your health has been negatively affected by prolonged exposure to asbestos, you deserve to fight for justice and compensation. At Smith Clinesmith, LLP, our experienced asbestos attorneys are here to help you file your claim against the liable companies’ bankruptcy trusts and tirelessly work for the best possible outcome. Contact us today to discuss your case.

We Support Political Advocates for Rights of Individuals

Attorneys Curtis Clinesmith, and Dawn Smith are also politically active and support those who advocate for the rights of workers and consumers. We work to ensure that our civil justice system and the right to a trial by jury remains intact pursuant to the 7th Amendment of our U.S. Constitution.

We Represent All Asbestos Claims

If you or a loved one suffers from a medical condition directly resulting from prolonged exposure to asbestos, you may be able to file a personal injury claim. At Smith Clinesmith, LLP, we represent all forms of asbestos-related injury claims across the United States—malignant or nonmalignant conditions—and work tirelessly for the justice and compensation you deserve.