What Our Clients Are Saying

I have been seeing L.O.P. patients, doing depositions, and doing live trial testimony for over 50 years. So, I consider myself somewhat of an expert.  I have dealt with thousands of plaintiff attorneys.  I consider you one of the best attorneys I have worked with.  You have one attribute that very few attorneys have.  You have compassion….

- J. Laughlin, D.O.

Dawn – There’s a spirit of helpfulness that shines through everything you do — and even though the warmest of thanks would never be enough to repay you, please know how appreciated you are and what a true blessing you’ve been. Thank you for the long fight for Aaron, my sweet kind boy.

- SC

Dear Dawn: We appreciate the assistance of your staff, especially Alicia Molina, throughout this process. Knowing that you are handling our case at Smith Clinesmith has helped us get through some frightening and despairing days. Thank you for your support…

- DM & LM