Attorney Curtis Clinesmith

Attorney Curtis Clinesmith has his humble beginnings in the small, West Texas town of Post, where he learned the value of hard work, integrity, and loyalty. It was also in Post where young Curtis first considered becoming an attorney, after the discovery of newfound talents in a high school persuasive speaking competition.

It wouldn’t be for some time that Curtis acted on this consideration. First, he would attend University of North Texas and obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, later a Master of Science Degree in History. Curtis served his community as a high school educator for five years before starting law school.

Legal Training & Career

Curtis began his legal training in 1994 at St. Mary’s University School of Law. There, he was active in moot court and mock trial competitions, and he also began legal work as a clerk for a nationally-recognized plaintiff’s firm.

After completing law school and passing the bar, Curtis worked primarily in litigation. These cases were significant and included several plaintiffs, teaching him that his passion was in representing individuals.

Up to Present Day

The last 19 years of Curtis’ legal career has been dedicated to helping families fight back against corporate abuse. The last 10 of these 19 years have been solely dedicated to fighting elder abuse. He and our firm have been nationally recognized for the passion put into cases, care demonstrated to clients, and the ability to obtain a winning outcome for the right side of the law.

To speak with Curtis about how he can help defend you and your loved ones from the unthinkable in an American nursing home, call our offices today at (877) 976-8411.