Attorney Nicola Gray

Nicola was born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. After high school, Nicola attended Rhodes University in South Africa, where she earned a Bachelor of Commerce Degree as well as an LLB, a degree indicated by a Latin acronym that translates to a Bachelor of Laws here in the United States.

After graduating from Rhodes University, Nicola went to work for a firm out of East London, South Africa. There, she clerked for the firm before joining the public law unit as a legal consultant. It was here that she developed key interest and skills in writing and research. Wanting to further her knowledge, she then went on to obtain her Master of Laws degree at Southern Methodist University.

Career at Clinesmith Law Firm

After obtaining her advanced law degree from SMU, Nicola worked in the legal area of immigration law before taking a brief leave from the legal profession, dedicated some years of her life to obtaining a nursing degree and working with mentally ill patients for a three-year span.

With her advanced legal knowledge and experience as a Registered Nurse, Attorney Gray is now able to provide for Clinesmith Law Firm unique perspectives and insights as a Legal Nurse Consultant. Her past careers and diverse knowledge make her an invaluable asset to the firm and to our clients.