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Mesothelioma Lung Cancer and Asbestos Exposure

Malignant Mesothelioma Throughout the 20th century, industries were using the naturally occurring mineral asbestos in thousands of products including insulation, roofing materials, drywall, ceiling and floor tiles, cements, valves, seals, and many other construction products. Those who had the closest contact with these products were placed in the greatest danger of breathing in or ingesting asbestos.

Once the asbestos fibers were taken in, they began to travel throughout the body and attach themselves to tissue surrounding the organs such as the esophagus, lungs (pleural), heart (pericardial), abdomen (peritoneal), and colon—though the lungs are the most common. Once attached, the fibers caused irritation and inflammation until tumors began to appear. These tumors are the beginning of mesothelioma lung cancer and asbestos exposure is the cause.

Symptoms of Asbestos Lung Cancer

Unfortunately, detection of asbestos lung cancer is very difficult without regular checkups because the condition produces no symptoms in its early stages. Eventually, symptoms of asbestos mesothelioma lung cancer will arise in the form of shortness of breath, chest pain under the rib cage, unusual lumps of tissue under the skin under the chest, difficulty swallowing, unexplained weight loss, and a persistent raspy cough.

Treatments for Mesothelioma

Because symptoms may not present themselves until decades after exposure, mesothelioma is often diagnosed in advanced stages which can greatly limit treatment options. Some of the treatment options that may be available depending on your cancer’s stage and location include:

  • Surgery Options
    • Decrease fluid buildup
    • Remove tissue around lungs or abdomen
    • Remove as much cancer as possible
    • Remove a lung and surrounding tissue
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Combination Therapy
  • Clinical Trials
  • Alternative Medicine

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