National Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal Injury Have you been involved in an accident and need assistance with the legal and medical process? Smith Clinesmith, LLP is a National Trial Law Firm. We specialize in injuries arising from car crashes, toxic exposures in the home and work place and nursing home and institutional abuse and neglect. We handle cases nationwide and we will stand by your side every step of the way.

Smith Clinesmith, LLP, specializes in personal injuries due to:

  • Auto

Car accidents are almost always caused by the negligence of an involved driver. Examples of negligent driving behavior include: texting while driving, driving while intoxicated, speeding and aggressive driving.

  • Big trucks/18 wheelers

We depend on tractor-trailers to move goods across the town and across the country. We must share the road with these giants. When these big trucks are involved in an accident, the resulting injuries are typically serious and often fatal. That is when a victim or the survivors, should turn to Smith Clinesmith, Dallas truck accident attorney, to ensure your rights are protected.

  • Slip and Fall

If injuries occurred while you or your loved one were on someone else’s property, such as at a grocery store, restaurant or retail store, Smith Clinesmith will work for you to make sure that the owner compensates you for the hazardous condition on their property that caused or contributed to your injuries.

  • Motorcycle

Motorcycles are taking over the roads daily due to lower fuel costs. Sharing our roads with bigger vehicles and sometimes careless drivers results in dangerous and even fatal accidents. Your passion for riding your motorcycle and how a single accident can change your life forever is why you need Smith Clinesmith to get the compensation you deserve.

  • Drunk drivers

If injuries occurred to you or your loved one due to a drunk driver, your will need the assistance of a Texas personal injury attorney at Smith Clinesmith. You need to be aware that all vehicles are required to carry liability insurance only. Which means they may only carry the lowest amount of coverage. You can only recover the policy limits that they have coverage for under their insurance. Smith Clinesmith will assist you in recovering those policy limits. Drinking and driving is the result of one or several bad decisions, made by the driver that drove after drinking. This could also be the fault of the business that sold him or her the beer or liquor that had a profoundly negative impact.

Why hire an attorney when you have been in an accident.

Need medical care and not sure where to go? Smith Clinesmith is in contact with highly qualified doctors that specialize in working with people who have been injured in an accident like yours.

You may not feel pain from your injuries right away. This is usually due to the stress and the adrenalin you feel after a car crash. Your judgment may be somewhat impaired right after the crash. Make sure you get the care you need as soon as possible. Waiting may likely delay your recovery and it may impact your settlement. You also may be asked to give a statement to the insurance company. Know your rights first.

When you call our firm, we will answer your questions to determine the exact steps to take and to get you the best care first and then fight for your rights.

Major Injury Cases

If your case involves more than property damage and minor injuries, you need Smith Clinesmith to ensure you get the best settlement to which you are entitled. Most people do not typically have the necessary negotiation skills, knowledge of the law and experience in evaluating damages to obtain a fair settlement value for your major injuries. Do not be misled by an insurance adjuster’s statements that hiring an attorney will reduce your net settlement or delay payment for your claim.